Enhance your iTunes with great playback quality!

FooTunes is a small script program that allows to combine advantages of two media players – iTunes & Foobar2000.

iTunes ( supports well-organized media library with quick searching and browsing, has very handy interface in Mac OS X style and many useful features like burning & ripping discs, dynamic playlists and rating system. But unfortunately the playback quality is middling.
Foobar2000 ( uses advanced resampling and kernel streaming algorithms for audio output, that’s why the playback quality is outstanding. However Foobar2000’s GUI is not friendly and media library is weak.

FooTunes allows to play songs in iTunes by using Foobar2000.

To use FooTunes you need to install iTunes (version >= 4.5) and Foobar2000 (version >= 0.8.3) and edit paths to iTunes and Foobar2000 in FooTunes script (right click, save as).

Every time you want to listen music just run FooTunes script by double clicking and enjoy excellent sound quality with great media organizing.

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